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Step Up Your Existing Podcast, Internet Broadcast to Satellite



National Satellite Radio Is Surprisingly Affordable. Few in the alternative media know you can get on Satellite Radio for as   little as $100!

AVRN has been broadcasting politically conservative, Christian, and Alternative Media programs on Satellite, Internet and over the Phone 24/7 since 2004. AVRN currently broadcasts on Satellite, Internet, Phone, TuneIn app, LIVE YouTube and various Independent AM/FM stations.

As recently as August, 2017 43% of people reported obtaining their national and international news from the Internet. AVRN has four (4) easy to remember internet addresses on two (2) separate servers. AVRN1 has four (4) streams and AVRN2 has two (2) streams.

American Voice Radio Network (AVR) is also positioned on satellite, Galaxy 19, transponder 5, located at 97 West. Galaxy 19 is one of the most popular in North America because of its interesting and informative content.

As of January 2007 there were four million (4,000,000) known KU Band FTA satellite receivers in service in North America and that number has been steadily increasing at a rate of 15 to 25% per year. In 2019 the estimated number (20% increase) of KU Band FTA satellite receivers in service within the US is five million (5,000,000)

AVRN offers several broadcast options.

B1 – Full production: Your live broadcast (by Phone, Skype, Discord or prerecorded) is broadcast over Satellite, Internet, Phone, TuneIn app, LIVE Youtube and also recorded and placed on the AVRN audio archives. The AVRN normal clock is Intro begins at 00:03 and the break music begins at 28:30 for 3 min of ads. (AVRN Clock can be modified to your needs for additional cost) AVRN’s full production option includes Broadcast, Toll Free listener call in, archived shows and a Live Producer. AVRN runs six (6) minutes of advertisement per hour and every host is entitled to three (3) minutes of their own prerecorded ads per hour which will also be run in the random ad cart. Cost: Full Production Option: $100 per month. (1hr broadcast per week on AVRN1, averaged over one year the hourly cost is $23.50 per hour) The cost for two (2) contiguous hours is $150 per month (First hour $100, second contiguous hour $50 per month).

B2 – AVRN2: AVRN2 is designed for people who already are broadcasting their own internet stream and want to step it up to a wider platform including KU Band FTA Satellite, at a very modest cost. While AVRN1 offers production, AVRN2 does not. Your existing stream will be automatically picked up at the prescribed time and simulcast over AVRN2 platforms. All content, breaks, music, callers, guests, etc are the responsibility of the broadcaster. Cost: AVRN2 Option: $50 per month. (1hr broadcast per week on AVRN2, averaged over one year the hourly cost is $11.65 per hour) Two (2) contiguous hours cost is $75 per month (First hour $50, second contiguous hour $25 per month, or an astonishing $8.72 per hour)

B3 – itunes: AVRN will take your mp3 file, convert it, and upload it to be available on the itunes podcasting platform. Cost: 1 hour per week $15 per month, multiple hours (up to five per week) $7 per hour.

B4 – Event Broadcasting: If you or your organization have an event (or a one time presentation of a subject), AVRN can produce and record that presentation for your use. Cost: $75 for 1 hour, 2 hours $125, & 3 hours $150. Think of it! We can produce a one hour radio program that you can post on your website, for only $75!

Perhaps you or your organization would prefer to just advertise your items or services. AVRN has very affordable advertising rates as well.

AVR advertisement opportunities are as follows:

A1 – A one(1) minute ad run twice per day within the random cart. Cost: $75 per month

Each additional run per day: $35 per month (3 times per day =75+35 / 4 times per day= 75+35+35 / 5 times per day=75+35+35+35, etc)

A2 – A banner ad (223px × 50px) placement on AVR pages, linked to advertisers web page or email. Cost: $75 per month / animated add $25 per frame

A3 – Combines package A1 and A2 as the AVRN audio/visual ad package. Cost: $100 per month.

A4 – AVR program sponsorship: One(1) minute ad run two times per day within the random cart and once during the sponsored show / Three frame animation banner ad (223px × 50px) placement on AVR pages, linked to advertisers web page or email with / Placement of products in AVR store up to two items plus live host promotion* and live interview** once at least every 90 days. Cost: $200 per month.

*subject to host acceptance

** interview is conducted by an experienced host during a well established interview program.

There is a $25 Design and Production fee for any audio or visual ad. This fee is waived for a ninety (90) day commitment.

Find Out More About How Affordable Satellite Radio Really Is! Contact Us, and we’ll send you more information via personal Email, or better yet, tune us in at the link below and find out how our programmers are using streaming and satellite!


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