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Freedom Calls
Col. Bo Gritz 

The Frank Report – A no holds barred news / commentary report from broadcasting veteran Francis Steffan “Buckle up, snowflake”


Financial Survival – One of the longest running financial radio broadcasts in the U.S. hosted by Melody Cederstrom and Alfred Adask


Amazing Doc Greene Show – National and world news brought to you from a Texascentric perspective and some great music you may not have heard before to boot


Herb Talk LIVE – Wendy Wilson is a master herbalist and author who hosts this broadcast and promotes natural healing through a nuts and bolts presentation of herbal medicine


Mission Watch / Prophecy Watch – Pastor Dan Catlin hosts both shows, one focuses on current events & the homeless shelter him and his wife steward over and the other on Biblical prophecy topics


What’s Right, What’s Left – Pastor Ernie Sanders is “Voice of the Christian Resistance Movement” the Pastor is actively anti-abortion and a pioneer of Ohio’s Home Schooling Movement


American Independence Hour –  As Seen On 60 minutes Alfred Adask, publisher of the Anti Shyster magazine is an educator, trailblazer and inspiration in the “patriot community for decades


Health Talk with Hesh – Is about life style and diet change and maintaining a healthy outlook on life while also exposing the efforts to adulterate our food supply with chemicals, hormones and poisons.


Contenders for the Faith – Hosted by Pastors Anthony Garissi & Jason Burton oppose the “New Evangelical, Modernistic, Ecumenical,” 501(c)3 religion found in the majority of churches


Constitutional Crusader – Hosted by M. Roy Bendshadler, has very strong Libertarian viewpoints and stresses the concepts of self-reliance rather than relying on Government


Surviving the Matrix – Hosted by Max Igan, an Australian who is by trade a traveling musician and a pro American people, pro liberty, pro truth, anti corporate activist


America Betrayed – Hosted by John Clark former D.C. lobbiest for immigration enforcement, concert promoter and illegal alien prevention activist. John has had many well known guests on his show, Marty Balin, Candy Clark, Paul Le Mat, Cindy Williams & many others


New World Order Info. – Hosted by Melissa Roxanne she discusses natural health options to better survive the depopulation agenda and covers some interesting conspiracy “theories” too