U.S. Total population: 330,150,668 at the December 2019 Census
Total Reported Covid-19 U.S. Deaths: 22,116 (as of 04/13/2020 AM)
22,116 is 0.000007% of 330,150,668
Hospitals receive $15K extra for every Covid patient, the Hospitals are counting ANYONE who dies as a Covid death even if they do not test pos. 

AVRN suffered a fire on Sunday March 29 at 11 PM. (fire dept. left by 2:30 AM)
It was an accidental fire caused by a defective electrical appliance, there was no physical foul play. No people were hurt, although we are missing a cat. Property loss totals about $5000., ammo, tools (anything not 100% metal) and backup studio equipment are the major losses. (and the building)

We truly appreciate everyone’s prayers, our neighbors have been great and strengthen my gratefulness to live where I do. I know times are difficult for everyone right now, but if you can, please consider a monetary donation.

AVRN is on Transponder 5
KU Band Satellite

Email: americanvoiceradio@yahoo.com

CONTACT CONGRESS: 1-844-872-0234 then follow the prompts

24/7 Listen On Phone: 1-701-719-3438 then 1

LIVE Listener Call In: 1-541-826-0953

AVRN has been broadcasting 24/7 since 2004.  AVRN currently broadcasts on Satellite, Internet, Phone, FM, Twitch, TuneIn, Wifi Radio and on demand archives. AVRN offers VERY affordable advertising packages and full production to no production hosting packages. Find Out More.

American Voice Radio Network (AVRN) is NOT a “business.” AVRN is in fact “the press” AND an electronic venue for “the people peaceably to assemble” AND a platform “to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” AVRN has zero people “employed.” ANY exchange of anything whatsoever IS done “at arms length” and ONLY in fair and equal exchange with no profit or gain. All monies, or otherwise, provided to AVRN or Francis Steffan are received as GIFTS regardless of the intention of the giver.