Unleavened Bread Bible Study

Unleavened Bread
Bible Study
David Eells
Sunday 7PM Pac


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Many times in my experience, the Lord has used the lot as a sign to prove God’s sovereignty and direction to others.

I was asking the Lord what to do with our mobile home when we knew we were about to move to Pensacola. Mary was asking me if we should sell it. As I prayed about it, the Lord impressed me to give it to a Christian couple named Mike and Karen that we knew in Houston, Texas.

So I contacted them only to find out that they had just lost their job and their company house.

When I told Mary what the Lord told me, she was not sure. I wanted the Lord to confirm to Mary that giving away our home was indeed God’s direction. So to give her peace of mind, I suggested that we ask of the Lord a sign. I asked God to confirm this decision with six heads in a row, and that is exactly what we got. What is the “chance” of six heads in a row coming up? It convinced Mary.

Without telling them what the Lord had said, I invited them to move in with us temporarily. Mary reminded me that Karen had a dream some years before that we had left our area and returned some time later to find someone else was living in our home. We did not think to ask her at the time if she knew who it was.

When they moved in, I reminded them of the dream. Then I said to Karen, “I think I know who it was that was living in our home.

It was you, wasn’t it?” Karen said, “Yes, it was.” (She wisely did not tell us when she first told us the dream because she did not want it to be a self-fulfilled prophecy.)

I said, “Well then it’s your home.” Of course, they were exited to see how God had provided for them even before their need. A couple of months later, God provided us a house and car in Pensacola.