Healthy By Nature

Healthy By Nature
Martie Whittekin, CCN
Saturday 6AM Pac

Martie Whittekin, CCN, Host. Has hosted the show throughout its history. A nutrition counselor since 1982 and a Certified Clinical Nutritionist for most of that time, she has studied with some of the brightest minds in the natural health field. This background helps snakeher to pick well-qualified guests and to ask questions designed to give listeners actionable information and well as translate into lay language. Martie is not into rocking and knitting. Her idea of what today’s senior citizen might be looking forward to are illustrated by the pictures of her on the Texas Longhorn, holding a giant python, on a zip line through the jungle in Costa Rica and enjoying indoor sky diving.

While entertaining in the process, Healthy by Nature aims to educate with responsible science-based information and empower listeners to choose a healthful path leading to family wellness, abundant energy and a bright outlook.

Principles for which the show stands
• The gradual decline in health and vigor with aging is typical in the USA but it is unnatural and unnecessary. Staying alive is not the same as LIVING. We can be active and healthy to an advanced age if we learn to obey nature’s laws.

• Diseases are not drug deficiencies. And, we don’t catch diseases, we create them. When we stop burdening the body with an excess of things it cannot handle (e.g. stress, sugar and toxins), and provide the nutritional support it needs to function optimally, miracles happen!

• All drugs are guaranteed to have side effects. In contrast, most natural approaches have fringe benefits. It just makes sense to use less toxic and non-invasive approaches first and save the heavy artillery of drugs and surgery for emergencies.

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