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CONTACT CONGRESS: 1-844-872-0234 then follow the prompts

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AVRN11-701-719-3438 when prompt 1

AVRN21-701-719-3438 when prompt 2

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KU Band Satellite satellite-wp (Galaxy 19 freq. 12115)

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American Voice Radio Network (AVRN) is NOT a “business.” AVRN is in fact “the press” AND an electronic venue for “the people peaceably to assemble” AND a platform “to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” AVRN has zero people “employed.” ANY exchange of anything whatsoever IS done “at arms length” and ONLY in fair and equal exchange with no profit or gain. All monies or otherwise provided to AVRN or Francis Steffan are received as “GIFTS.”